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Driven by a respect for the environment and planet we live in, Serein creates beautiful and luxurious 100% natural scented candles using only clean ingredients and products.

The essential oils used in each candle, contain the purest of properties aimed at balancing both body and mind.

Enter our world through our online store and discover the power and aromatherapeutic benefits of a Serein candle.

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100% Natural

From their soy wax base to the cotton wicks, all the products used in the creation of our candles are of the purest origin.

Made with only natural fragrances, they burn clean, unlike conventional paraffin candles.

  • NO binders.
  • NO chemicals.
  • NO fragrance enhancers.
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Essential oils

The essential aromatherapy oils used in each candle are extracted from natural plant extracts.

Used for thousands of years, the benefits of aromatherapy are endless! Mind, body and spirit can be improved by the powers of aromatic essential oils. This ancient holistic therapy may help:

  • Calm and relax.
  • Release negative emotions.
  • Create a feeling of balance.
  • Awaken and energise the senses.
  • Kick start the libido.
Natural candles handmade B&W


… with love.

Each of our candles are handmade in Madrid. Special attention is given to each and every one of our candles in the hope that you will love them as much as we do!

  • Handpoured.
  • Home-packed.
  • Re-usable containers.